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Statuses stuck after server reboot

Hello, Last night I had to reboot our Openfire server as the openfire service was stuck in a stopping state. After it came back up, the users who were logged in but ‘away’ or ‘extended away’ auto-reconnected, but the status stopped updating. Logging out and back in caused it to work again. I’m guessing the database had their old status and just stoped updating. My questions are:

  1. Had the service not hung and I just had anormal reboot would this behavior be expected?

  2. Is there a way to force that to update for all users again from the server side to prevent users from having to log out/in again?

Right now we are in a small test rollout of about 50 users, but I was (soon) going to go live with this to about 1000 users and were this to happen like that on a normal server reboot, it would be more of a problem.

We are using Openfire 3.6.4 (Win08 server) with Pandion 2.6.90 clients (I also checked the behavior in Spark 2.5.8 which showed the same ‘stuck’ away statuses).