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I run Spark IM client on XP-Pro. Can i keep the IM window on top of other applications?

I am using Spark IM Client 1.60 RC1 on XP Pro.

In the Contactlist under Spark i have an Toggle Option for “Always on top”

Works like a charm for me.

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Thanks- I’m using 2.5.8- so it’s in a slightly different place and slightly differently worded, under preferences/notifications/bring window to front.

Well, this option that you found isn’t really what you were asking for. This only brings chat window in front of all windows when you get a new message. AsciiReign means that in 2.6.0 RC1 and later version there is a checkbox both for the roster and chat windows to make them always stay on top of other windows.

OK- I downloaded the 2.60 even though it’s not GA. I see that feature now.


though it’s not GA.
Stay tuned. We will release RC2 shortly and then Final version will be soon.