Stealing Focus From Applications when Spark is Closed to Tray


Is anyone else having trouble with Spark stealing focus upon reciept of a new message while the Spark contact window is closed to the system tray? I am currently running build 11943 on Windows XP. Originally I thought this was related to, however, this happens regardless of my toast popup settings. It is also similar to however, I am not using bring window to front.


  1. My contact window is currently closed and the icon shows in the system tray (I closed this ising the X on the contact window).

  2. I start typing in Microsoft Word (or another application).

  3. I recieve a message from someone which is now flashing in the taskbar.

  4. Without clicking anything I continue typing in Microsoft Word (or any other application), however the text focus is gone.

It appears the text focus is gone, but it is not in the new chat message or in Microsoft Word.

Work Around:

If you do not close the contact window (i.e. do not press the X), than a new chat message will not steal focus away from the current application.