Still missing gadu-gadu transport (gateway) for Spark

Is there any chance to applied this functionality to Spark and Openfire.

I’ve contact with nemrod who can do it with libgadu and another demon.

He promised to make an instruction how-to so we still waiting

What do you mean? I can activate Gadu gadu transport in the latest Kraken version and then appropriate icon appears on Spark toolbar.

And it works? Can You describe short instruction how to enable this option to make a gg messaging from Spark? Thanks

Well, i don’t have a gg account or contacts to test it, so i wanted to know what exactly doesn’t work for you, because at least it is possible to enable

Install Kraken on Openfire (1.1.3 beta 3)

Then go to Admin Console > Server > Gateways tab. Check the Gadu gadu transport to enable it. Check the options. Not sure if is still the right server for the host, but Test connection shows Success. Then restart Spark. Gadu gadu icon should appear on Spark toolbar (at least in the 2.6.3 version it does). Then press that icon and select Enter information. You should put your account settings there and hopefully it should login and pull your gg contacts.

Works fine but can’t see in the Roster users from GG who are invisible (only busy and available)

Well, it sounds logical that you shouldn’t be seeing users with the invisible status. Or do you want to see them as offline and they do not showup? Anyway, i’m not familiar with GG, but Kraken is using gg java api and probably it is set like this in there.