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Still random contact wipe

We are still experiencing random disappearing of ICQ contacts in 1.0 Beta 8. I don’'t have any idea why it happens. Fact is, it does. Our server is running Wildfire (3.2.2) on Debian GNU/Linux Etch (4.0 RC1) in Java 2 Runtime Edition (1.5.0_10).

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Any rhyme or reason to the ones that seem to be deleted? Just one at a time or multiple? Doesn’'t happen every time or does? GATE-188 is the issue related to this.

The whole list got deleted at once. The contacts not only failed to show up, they were deleted from the server side ICQ roster.

Can you check in your debug logs and look to see if you have anything with “contactDeleted” in it? (also, contactUpdated?) What I think is happening is that my handling of contactUpdated is very poor.