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Still repeat installation

Hi All,

I install Openfire on Centos 5 (befor i have on win XP and it work without any problems), after first installation everything was all right but i don`t know exactly when (during this time I reboot machine and try to add certificate) i have problem to login to the console. When i go on administrator console i am redirected to setup page. So i install server again and i have got that same situation. Just after installation i try to go on console page and i am redirected to steup page and agian again again. I don’t know what is the reason. If i reinstall openfire everything is ok for some times if i don’t make changes in web page configuration,

Thank you in advance for any kind of help,

Best regards,


I have the same situation nowadays. Some posts say that it’s possible that a duplicated service is running, but I already checked it and it’s ok. Some others say that just change the openfire.xml file but it doesn’t work for me. I’m going to try to find the answer and will post it…