Still Unable to Get File Transfers Working


I been using Openfire for the past 3yrs now. And I am still unable to figure out what I am doing wrong that file transfers wont work. I can only transfer files between PC’s on the same network as the server. I had the openfire server’s transfer proxy enabled. The desired ports opened in the firewall. And all users clients, including mine’s set to use that proxy. But still, we keep getting the error regarding that the firewall/NAT settings are causing the issue. But, yet I have the ports open!

…its getting really frustrating. And I know I asked this before over a year ago. Could someone PLEASE upload a detailed step-by-step walkthrough as to how they gotten file transfers working? It might be very benificial to alot of new users and those like myself. Who just keep hitting a dead end.

My Openfire 3.6.4 is running on PCLinux2010. And right now, I have the file transfer proxy feature turned off.