Still Waiting on Java7 Version Release!

Still waiting on a Java7 version release!!! Java7 has been out since July and still hasn’t been released with Spark!!! Can you guys please put together a bundled installer with Java7 instead of Java6? I can’t imagine thats difficult since all we need is a JRE folder in the spark directory. It does not need to be “bullet proof” tested… we just need functionality! The screen focus issue has been going on for WAY to long. Come one guys… please listen to the community… I know for a fact i’m not the only one with this major gripe!


there is an automated build processor that we need to use due to licencing issues with Install4j. This requires a little more than “just changing” the JVM. There actually someone working on it

You are free to replace the JRE in your client installation to use J7 features. It works.


P.S. Alternatively: Please purchase an install4j licence and send me the licence key. It’s just a couple of 100 $, I’ll promise a J7 installer a week later.


So whats the story Walter? Someone’s working on it or someone is not working on it? You stated someone was working on it in your first paragraph but then mention you need a license in your bottom paragraph indicating no one is working on it.

I’ve taken a look at the install4j license and program… and must say… isn’t there a way to package Java7 without needing some 3rd party installer? Like i said… the community doesn’t need some perfectly polished version right now… we simply need the functionality to work correctly. Yes, replacing the JRE folder with a J7 folder does work… so why is it not possible for it to be packaged like so? Instead of installing Java7, simply extract the JRE folder that contains j7. I’m no programmer (really wishing i was right about now), but i’ve done this with other scripts and stuff i’ve written before.

The window focus issue should be at the TOP of the to-do list… no other amount of features can cover it up… so I beg you to stop working on other stuff and fix this first and foremost. It is really a show-stopper for Spark users. Liek i’ve mentioned before… polishing a turd still leaves us with a turd. I’d like Spark to shine… but it really needs basic functionality to work like it should and is expected to.

Long story short… I fail to see the reason you need a new $700 license to bundle J7… no where in the install4j “New Features” nor anywhere esle have i seen that the new install4j is the only compatible with J7… which brings to question… why is a new install4j license even needed? I can assume spark developers already have a license for all of the previous builds (up to 2.6.3), so why do you need a new one?

Simply requiring a new $700 license and stating that is the sole reason why spark can not deliver basic functionality seriously brings into question a serious mis-appropriation of all donated funds to the Spark project.


as I have said before: The build environment has a license for install4j. No one who is developing in the community on personal hardware has a license and is able to use it for a Spark package. Hence we will have to wait until the build environment is completely configured.

Java 7 is installed on the build environment. The builds currently fail: STALL4J&buildNumber=493

There is some work to be done by community members. I will not commit any dates on when we will have finished this, since it is not my personal time.

With respect to your request for a Spark version that is not stealing the focus: As far as I know, the patch to prevent this behaviour is in the Spark code and it is working. You can prevent this annoying behaviour of Spark by copying a Java JRE into the folder JRE in the Spark installation folder. This assumes that you have installed an full Spark version.

If you use the version without a JRE included ( park_2_6_3_online.exe), it will use the Java version on your PC. If you have Java 7 installed on your PC, Spark will use J7 and stealing of Focus should not happen.

I hope this helps your personal setup. If you are the admin of a larger community, I would suggest to deploy the online version of Spark and make sure that all clients have a Java 7 installed and use it as default JRE.


P.S. I am spending a significant amount of personal time to the project since 2006 and also managed a couple of 100 hours of development effort on Spark. No need to tell me about funds being spend in this project. I am doing it.


What is this post about then:

seems to indicate it is very possible to make a packaged exe or msi that included both the java files as well as packaging spark into it… and it is free and opensource. I must ask again… what is a $700 license needed for??? Isn’t spark supposed to be free and opensource?

I’m starting to get the idea that there is not a lot of organization or leadership going on with the project, and this is likely the reason that simple problems (such as getting Java7 packaged with spark installer) are falling through the cracks. Based on that post (from 2007 btw) that there is absolutely no reason taht a community developer would need a $700 license. The lack of leadership or organization can likely contribute to all of the new features that keep getting updated or released when known bugs are not being fixed. I get this… no one wants to work on the boring stuff and fix bugs all day. They would rather spend time making new cool thigns work… this philosophy is very aggrivating from a user standpoint. I sincerely appreciate all of the hard work that goes into Spark and wish I could lend a hand into the programming aspect, but come on guys…

I will gladly lend my time to help organize or manage the Spark project if this is needed. Just let me know…

Here’s my project management list to-do’s:

  1. FIX WINDOW FOCUS ISSUE - polish the existing Spark

  2. work on other known bugs (such as certain skins breaking features, etc)

  3. release new features

  4. users are happy and spark takes off big time

  5. lots more donations come in which would allow for fancier build enviroments such as install4j.

Donated funds? Please do tell.


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If you are unhappy about this project: Feel free to contribute code or real coding work. The installer issue was raised by myself some time ago and cstux and myself worked on that. For some reason, no open solution was working well enough for a serious release.

WIth respect to features: We have release the 2.6. series this year with 100 of fixes and new features in it. Have you provided any of those? Are you willing to contribute something to the next release ?

The speed of open source projects does not depend on project management or leadership. A leader is nothing without a team performing work, testing and publishing results. Your complaint is by no way any encouragement for all the volunteers working here.

Provide ressources, time, code or something else that moves the project. And you will achive something and you are able to exercise some influence.

Your complaint will not lead to results, since you are asking others to deliver something that you want to have.

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I’m surprised that Walter (or any of us) are still answering and havent quit this “community” yet… After devoting many years and my personal time to answering questions, filing bugs and testing patches i have to hear this “DO THIS, DO THAT!!” demands. We are not Microsoft with billions of dollars, hundreds of developers and are not working for Ignire Realtime. We are all just VOLUNTEERS.

What is this post about then:

In this thread someone is mentioning opensource tools (actually Advanced Installer is not a freeware) to create just an exe or msi installer. What about the other platforms that we currently have installers for? Bamboo system is helping a lot by automating the build process for all platforms. And it uses install4j which as i understand has to be specially prepared for the new jre version (or license bought). A few years ago cstux were experimenting with IzPack tool and it was possible to create some installers, but not for all the platforms and it involved a lot of manual work. If you know of a free and better packager, which can be used with Bamboo, or free and better automated build system (preferably integrating with JIRA, if not, then free and better issue tracking system integrating with automated build system) which will let us quickly build same quality installers for all platforms, then you a free to provide detailed step by step instructions how to do this.

Isn’t spark supposed to be free and opensource?

That’s a dream. In reality we have to deal with legacy left by Jive Software after they have open sourced this project and said “do what you want”. We have to use tools they have kindly provided (forums, issue tracker, automated build system, openfire server, fisheye, etc.), we have to deal with bugs left in the projects, we have to remove commercial parts of software and replace it with opensource or rewrite, we have to deal with developers absence, as not so many want to work on Spark/Openfire. Actually many people just take “opensource” as freeware stuff, not taking in mind, that this also means contributing. Using only the opensource tools would be great, but just not currently possible with the resources we have. Walter and his team has invested a lot into this project (and still investing). They have provided developers, who has fixed lots of bugs and added some very nice features (just read the 2.6.0 changelog). This java bug will eventually be eliminated in the build process and you have workarounds for it. So, don’t push them and not risk to lose them. Better provide your own human resources for the project.

Speaking about the resources

I will gladly lend my time to help organize or manage the Spark project

I’m just curious how would you do that. Just a few examples how would you organize? How would you attract developers to this project and manage their work?

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