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Stope Retreiving all chat histories when rejoin group

I’m using Smack v4.3.0 for Android. The issue is, when a user rejoins a group, all the chat histories are being delivered. Want to know how to disable this. I’m using the following code snippet for joining the group.

MultiUserChat multiUserChat=multiUserChatManager.getMultiUserChat(JidCreate.entityBareFrom("man@conference.localhost"));

but it doesn’t work
please any help

Your code doesn’t make sense, since you don’t use the result of the builder anywhere. Try this:

MultiUserChat chat = getMultiUserChat(mucJid);
MucEnterConfiguration enterConfig = chat.getEnterConfigurationBuilder(nickname)
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thanks that solved my problem , i appreciate your help

I am following your code. But still I am not getting any messages of group. There are already many messages in it but still returning 0. Below is code for that:

private fun initGroupChatRoom(){
        val mucEnterConfiguration = multiUserChat?.getEnterConfigurationBuilder(nickname)!!

        if (!multiUserChat!!.isJoined) {

private fun chatHistory(){
        CoroutineScope(Dispatchers.IO).launch {
            var mamManager = MamManager.getInstanceFor(multiUserChat)

            var result =  async {
                mamManager.queryMostRecentPage(jId, 70)

Here, the result is an empty return.

I solved using the latest library version 4.4.0.beta01

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