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Stopping 2 contacts seeing each other

Good afternoon

As an IT Eng for a med size business and wanting to keep Spark running etc, i get lots of complaints from managers saying that staff are just chatting all the time on spark for non work related reasons. there are 2 particular users and they are in different buildings so i changed the group list around on the openfire server so then people in any one building can only see whos in that building and a list of managers - Also the managers can see everyone.

One of the users is going to be made manager soon; so as you could imagine, the manager would be able to see the one of the users mentioned earlier and just missuse the system… Also his boss has asked me to block the managers name from the user and the users name from the managers list. but there isnt anyway i can see how to do this in spark?

could someone help?


This is more an Openfire question.

Packet Filter Plugin

Plenty of approaches. Block just messages, block just presences, block everything.


if you want to do it using Spark then every manager should configure a privacy list which makes sure that no presence packets are sent to other users. But they still appear in the roster but as offline. And as every manager has to set this it may be tricky to setup unless you have only a few managers.

See Privacy Lists for a summary of privacy lists and problems with them.


thank you both! thats solved my problem