Stopping Openfire takes a very long time

I’m not sure if this is a very recent problem or not, I know I didn’t have it in the past:

When running openfire through the control window, and pressing “stop” or “quit” it easily takes more than 5 minutes for openfire to actually shut down - in the meantime the control window is “frozen”. Is there a way to prevent this long delay before it actually shuts down and closes connections?

System info: OS= Windows 2000, Version=Openfire 3.5.2 , light load, no CM’s, plugins: IM gateway, registration, Search, User import/export

This seems to be an issue if there are users logged in and actively chatting. I am not sure if the gateway plugin factors in as we have such a limited deployment of that. Once all users are disconnected the start and stof of openfire server is very rapid.

So, to test this, I could disconnect all users first and then stop and see if it’s quick? Is there a quick way to give a disconnect all command?

I do not know of any way to do a disconnect all.


does Openfire stop fast when you stop it just after starting it?

That’s of course not a real client disconnect and thus a little bit lame - and I wonder if this helps.

I think that some resources are blocking (e.g. trying to get a database connection while the connection pool is already closed). Thread dumps would help in such a case but I don’t know if `jstack.exe Openfire-PID´ works for services (see JVM Settings and Debugging).


I can say from my own experience that if I tell openfire to stop my spark will disconnect and immediately reconnect. It will eventually disconnect again then the server will stop. The less users on line at the time I try this the faster the server stops. If no uses are online it is instant. If I start and stop imediately it is also fast.