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Strange Ctrl+V / paste and drag&drop behaviour in input area


as long as I can’‘t update my profile I should mention that I’'m using Spark 113, the Windows version.

Sometimes I want to replace a word with another one, this works painless if I mark the word and while pressing the first character of the new word the old one is removed, so far so good.

  1. If I have the new word in the buffer and try to insert it using Ctrl+V or right-click and paste then the new word gets appended to the old one.

  2. One can use the mouse to drag and drop text of the chat window into the input area, but no matter where I place the mouse cursor it will be appended to the existing text instead of inserted.


Thanks LG, I was able to reproduce and filed this as SPARK-261.



(: just voted for 260 and 261