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Strange issues with MSN gateway

I have around 8 users going through the MSN Gateway. Most of the time everything seems to be working. Today I have a user that connects and is using Spark and the gateway no problems. Then all of a sudden this user cannot connect to MSN at all. Error messages say she is already connected somewhere else. Then she gets another saying her username and pass are incorrect. I have her get out of Spark and backin. Same thing. I kill her gateway account and reenter her information. First she can get in for several seconds then it kicks her. This is something she only uses here, so I am confident she is not moonlighting somewhere else.

With my account I try to add users (users other users in openfire locally are using and communicating with daily) from another location. They can see me but for some reason are not able to accept my invite. I have tried this several times with mixed results all failing to get me connected to them. I am using the beta version of Spark and 3.3.1 of Openfire. I am having other issues like Spark continually not loading but I will save that for the spark forum. I am also using the latest gateway package. Any in site would be great.

for your sake and for others who have reported similar issues, I think what might be happening here is that the gateway plugin itself is retaining a session behind the scenes that it ought to be ejecting. I -think- I may have fixed this issue in the latest version but we’‘ll have to see. I’‘m putting out a 1.1.0 beta asap (asap meaning, I have it built, but I can’‘t seem to get up with the jive people to actually put it up for me =( not in the same place at the same time lately) If you wouldn’'t mind, would you try it out when I put it up and see if these issues are solved?