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Strange problem with chat rooms

I have created about 60 chat rooms in version 2.1.3, however only 40 display in the admin view. I know the others are still there, cause they’'re in the database.

can anyone shed some light?

Hey pow12,

Messenger will not load from the database rooms that haven’'t been used for a while. By default the time limit is 7 days. However, if you try to join that room Messenger will load it from the database and therefore you should be able to see it in the admin console.

Could you check if this is your case?


– Gato

This is definitely the case. Thank you very much!

Is there a way that I could increase the time from 7 days to about 30?



Currently the value is hardcoded. I created the issue JM-235 so that it would be possible to configure the value from the admin console. If you need to change the hardcoded value before we implement JM-235 you will have to change the value in the source code and rebuild the server.


– Gato


Could we come up with a more elegant solution? For example, we could only partially load rooms that haven’‘t been used for more than 7 days so that they still show up in the admin console but their data isn’'t fully loaded until required?


Yes this sounds good to me. Don’‘t mean to rush, but when could I see this implemented? Many of my users won’‘t know the chat room exists if they don’'t see it in the directory listing.