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Strange refresh problem with chat window in spark 2.5.3

I am getting ready to roll out spark to the company and have switched over to the .msi from the .exe install so I can go the lazy route and use AD to roll it out.

Anyways… the problem I seem to have found is that when my chat window is full and the scroll bar appears on the side so you can go back into the history of the chat… the chat window greys out completely and you can only get stuff to show by hovering the mouse over them or by highlighting text. If I expand the window so the scroll bar goes away it show perfectly again… also if I delete the transcript logs for that chat it will also fix itself. This seems to only appear when I use the .msi and when i go back to the .exe everything is fine. I have tried completely uninstalling and rebooting and then running some reg cleaners to see if that would fix the problem… but nothing seems to help…

Anyone have an idea besides going back to the .exe install

I just cant tell that i had numerous problems with MSI install (some of them were fixed in time, or just dissapeared), and finally i got tired and switched to full exe install. We are not rolling it yet, but i will have to find some other way to push exe version to users.