Strange SSL Issue with OpenFire and XMPP clients

Hi there everybody,

I used Openfire before and installed it again for my own company. As and usual, i’ve purchased SSL certificate. I’ve installed Openfire with MySQL database as backend. I’ve imported SSL to keystore. After that i’ve opened OF admin and go to SSL. There i see strange picture. See attached file.

If i delete DSA certificate all my clients won’t connect at all. If i keep DSA - Spark connects ok, but all rest clients tell me that certificate is self-signed. And they see certificate with internal host name (ubuntu), but not real SSL with FQDN.

Clients like Adium, Pidgin and QIP tells me also self signed SSL.

Help me fix this issue and go to production. It’s really important for me and my small company.

Any ideas, community? Really need help with this.

Maybe you have two Openfire instances running? @“And they see certificate with internal host name”

If the clients don’t see the proper server name then the certificate is not used.

Openfire with Godaddy certificate for SSL - the last post by Jason may be helpful (don’t delete your private key accidentally).