Strophe.js/jquery xmpp +openfire 3.10 Chinese garbled Message Text

Hi ,

I am using strophe.js or jquery xmpp in client( mvc) to connect to openfire 3.10.The database is mysql with charset utf-8. I found the receive user received message body is garbled when the sender send Chinese message. Sometimes if the sender send a Chinese message,the connection will be broken.The firebug show is a bad request . If the sender send a message didn’t contain Chinese, everything is OK.

I tried to add ?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&characterSetResults=UTF-8 to theURL of the JDBC driver.But it didn’t work.

pls see below: the received message body is Chinese garbled.


If I use openfire 3.7.1, the Chinese message body received is normal without any garbled.I just only change the openfire 3.10 to openfire 3.7.1.

Other setting ,mysql database and coding are not change.

Thanks in advance.