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Stupid accident

I accident override the 3.7.1 folder (from tar.gz) with the 3.8.0 folder before I make the backup. I check the file, I have openfire.xml and database(mysql) backup. other file in conf is not override. but I loss files in resources\security. What should I do?


Nothing you can do, import your certificates again or regenerate them if you use Openfire’s self-signed certificates.

How can I do so?

That depends whether you are using SSL connection or not. If not, then you don’t have to do anything. If you are and if you were using Openfire’s self-signed certificates, then you can generate new ones in Admin Console > Server Settings > Server Certificates, there should be a link to generate them. If you were using some other certificates then i can’t help, i don’t use them. There is an import link on the same page, so maybe you will find a way to do this.