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Sub OU LDAP access

I am having issues getting a list of users from a sub OU. I created a sub OU called Company Name/Users. When I create the connection it comes back as successful but I get no user listings. I can only get it to work if the users are in the default users container. Thoughts?

Can you be more specific? A picture of your domain tree would help, edit it to protect the domain. I assume you actually have users in the sub OU.


the container is:


If I have users in the Users OU above I can’t see them. But if they are in the default Users container they show up.

Is that enough info? Not sure what else I should add. Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks for your help.

If I go through and test each step I get users listed. Once the connection is complete and I go to the Users/Groups tab nothing is listed.

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Here is my connection info:

Base DN: ou=users;ou=sub,dc=domain,dc=net

Administrator DN: cn=adquery,cn=users,dc=domain,dc=net

What is your LDAP server (AD, OpenLDAP, Novell)?

Try this baseDN ou=sub,dc=domain,dc=net

It is AD.

I tried the above and it connected successfully but I still did not get a list of users in the users/groups tab

Does adquery have rights to the new OU? and have you restarted the openfire server lately?


I am going to restart now. I will let you know what happens.

Its amazing what a reboot can do! But I thought linux boxes never needed a reboot. thanks for the help.

You probably could have gotten away with just stopping and starting the Openfire server… But that’s cool… So long as it’s working… the problem is, Openfire seems to only pull the ldap data when it starts up. I have to restart it every time I make a change to my ldap directory…


clearing the cache also works, specifically the user and group cache