Subscribe to 'channel'?


I’ve spent some time getting to know the Openfire and Smack API. Is there a way to let a user ‘subscribe’ to a ‘channel’? I see by default in Openfire we get a channel named ‘conference’, which may have several sub-multi user chat rooms beneath it.

So can a user subscribe to the ‘conference’ channel, to get notifications somehow of activity on this channel (ie. - user1 has joined sub MUC room 12, user2 has left MUC room 5, etc).

Once we connect to a MUC, we start getting messages right away and it seems easy to handle that, just wondering if this is possible one level up at the channel level - if not, can we implement this ourselves?


oh and maybe to illustrate a little better, here are my general steps:

// Login.

XMPPConnection connection = new XMPPConnection(...);

connection.login("test", "password");

// Here the user has logged in, but may want to see activity in all chat rooms within a channel before entering one - maybe just # of users in each room as they enter and leave....

// .....

// Finally the user chooses a room to join.
MultiUserChat muc = new MultiUserChat (connection, "testroom@conference.");