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Subscribed users in roster are off-line (Jajc, Miranda, Spark)

I am using OpenFire 3.6.4 (JVM 1.6.0_03) with client Jajc (0.8.110, 0.8.125) and Miranda (0.8.13). After client login, all of users from roster (friends) are visible as offline. But for my friends I’m on-line. Subscribe is “both” on all sides.

After I change my status (to away, DND, etc.) - everything is OK. I see all of friends on-line. If friend change status - I see him online!. Probably the same problem is reported here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/37920?tstart=60

This problem have to do with Jajc, Miranda and Spark, but not with Jabbim! Why? Any idea?

With server jabberd2 (very old version), this problem does not occur.

Thank you. I apologize for my English.

Odd. I have tried to reproduce this with Openfire (the current trunk version) and Spark, but I cannot reproduce it locally. Does this problem always occur?

Yes, this problem always occur. I try it on many computers, clients and operating system versions (win-only).

Can I sign up on the server that you are using? Perhaps I can reproduce it there.

Do you have access to the server logs? Do they show warnings or error messages?

Yes, you can signup on jabber.khnet.info - please use names with suffix for example “ignite_”.

I have access to server logs, but I found nothing there. Now I clear all logs and turn on debug log.

I’m very sorry … my fault. I testing plugin remembot and later I foung message in error log: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError … at net.smilingj.openfire.plugin.remembot.UserPresenceListener.availableSession(Use rPresenceListener.java:26). When I saw “presence”, I understand …

It had not even gone to uninstall the plugin.

I will continue to monitor my server, but I think it’s resolved. Thank you for the assistance.