Subscription Plugin Feature Request

I just installed the new subscription plug. It is great that users are instantaneously added now. However, when a user is removed, the removed user gets a popup on pandion saying that they have been removed from the user’'s roster. This user can also no longer see the status of the person that deleted them. It would be nice if the plugin could handle the removal also so that the removed user does not get the popup in pandion and that they removed user can still see the status of the user that removed them.

Hi Ben,

I’‘m happy to hear you’'re liking the subscription plugin.

As for your request, per the XMPP spec users are not allowed to know the presence status of each other unless they have a mutual subscription, which basically means if I can’‘t see your presence status you can’‘t see mine. If you’'re wanting to see the presence information on other users you might want to take a look at the Presence Service Plugin.

Hope that helps,


Maybe i put the feature request under the wrong category but…

we use several global roster groups in our implementation. if user a is a member of a roster group and user b is not, when user a removes user b from their roster, user a’‘s status no longer shows up in user b’'s roster. Then every time user b logs in, they get a message saying that user a has removed them from their roster.