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Subscription Plugin - Not working at all?

Hello… I recently installed 3.6.3, and I installed the ‘Subscriptions’ Plugin… But, when I click the ‘Sidebar’ button for “Subscription Properties”, the page is basically blank. (there is nothing in the center of the page… There are links, etc… but, no controls for this item) I tried the ‘restart’ link on the Plugins page, but nothing changed.

I am new to this, so I don’t know what info I should collect and post to help identify the problem. This is installed on an XP PC.


  • Mike

Figured it out on my own… Apparently nobody wanted to help out a newbie.

Maybe nobody had a solution to provide. Maybe you could post the solution so it is available for others.

It was due to a blindingly simple problem… JRE was not installed on this PC, and the “recommended” download that supposedly includes JRE didn’t actually install it either.

Please excuse my callous remarks… it’s just that I noticed many, many replies to other posts in the same timeframe as my note, but none for me. This is certainly a case where ‘no news’ is NOT ‘good news’…

  • Mike