Subscriptions stay for disconnected client sessions


it looks like openfire leaks subscriptions for client sessions that gone (disconnected)wither explicitly or timed out (6 min default timeout in OF).

Is there any way to make subscriptions that belong to the client A beingcleaned up with the client session disconnected?

The use case is the following:
A Smack client connects to OF, creates a node and publishes to it;

A jabberwerx client (runs in a browser using a jabberwerx javascriptlib to connect to open fire) connects to OF subscribes to the node and consumesnotification.

The problem is that on browser window unload, it is sometimes not possibleto clean up everything properly, so it leaves some stale client sessions in OF.OF cleans up the session after the default timeout, but it does not delete the subscriptions,that belong to this client session.

Is there a work around for this? any configuration changes in OF may changethe unwanted behavior described above?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.