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Suddenly I'm online... but offline too?

Last week, my jabber client, AdiumX, started acting strangely. Spark still seems to work fine so I’ve been using that as a backup.

What’s going on is this: Adium says I’m connected to the Openfire server. I log into the Openfire Admin Console and see myself logged in under Sessions. However, I have no buddies showing up on my list. When I go into the Groups in the Admin Console, I see my username under my group, but there is lists the same username as the one in Sessions, as offline… how can I be online AND offline? I’m online to the point where Adium doesn’t complain, Openfire says I am, but I don’t get a buddy list because the group portion thinks I’m not online…

Any help is appreciated!


Hey cam815,

Which version of Openfire are you using? There was problem in the session summary page that was showing users that were authenticated but never became online as available. That could be your case.


– Gato



i’m using the same version, 3.3.3, and i have the same problem.

the server shows me logged in, and i can send messages from the web interface of the server to all users, and the three clients receive them, but i’m unable to send between my clients. the clients show their own profiles are logged in, but all contacts are offline.

i’m using miriam and goim clients, swapping between the two in case it was a client issue. i installed java 1.5.r13 on clients and server. my openfire server is running on a windows 2k advanced server with apache web server and mySQL database.

So… anything in the realm of answers on this?

well, i hate to say it, but since there is no support answer for this issue, i switched servers. the new server worked fine. i’m looking forward to the next revision of the OpenFire server, tho, because i liked the admin web manager better than the alternate i ended up with.