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Suggestion: AD Set--up wizard

I’‘ve been lurking on this support forum for a while, and on thing that’‘s obvious is there are people constantly having problems connecting to AD. (I am one of those people, but that’'s a separate matter).

It would be cool if there was a simple wizard with most of the default information (or sample information) entered in the fields, similar to the set up screens for setting up the databases. It doesn’'t seem like this would be too hard to do, and would really add value to Jive Messenger.

There is a Knowledge Base at js.org:


Such howto can be placed there.

Yep, starting with a really good knowledge base article would be an awesome first step. However, I’'d love to include an actual wizard in the setup tool as well (as suggested). You would choose between all the different authentication options:

  • Standard


  • Native

  • POP3 Email

For each one, it would take you through a wizard-like process to define all the necessary settings.