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Suggestion for admin web gui


Just two small suggestion:

  1. Why not having a nice link to
  • your website

  • or directly to this forum

in the top row of the webgui?

  1. Why not change the STOP button into a RESTART button on the first page? When I press the STOP button the gui is gone and I have to restart it over ssh.

But triggering a restart of the server directly from the admin gui would be nice.

Does not cost that much and would help alot!

What do the big boys think of this?



Just have something to say about the second question.

I don’'t think the Wildfire backend is supporting restarting. Otherwise there should already be plenty of options doing so.

The WAR version might be easier since it’'s possible to gain master control from the application server, but for the standalone version some core code change is probably needed.

I know the service can be restarted instead of manually stop and start again, so it would be more worthy for a GUI change if we also consider restarting can be “warm”. That means, essential config are updated while the sessions are held or so (instead of having to be cut off).