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Suggestion - Offline users - show their groups

One suggestion I have for Spark (dunno if anyone else suggested it), is to show offline users in the group they belong to. Currently, they are all lumped together under “Offline Users”.

Hi PC,

I believe JIRA issue SPARK-107 is what you’'re looking for. Looks like its scheduled to be added to the next version (1.1.2) of Spark.

Hope that helps,


SPARK-107 was created after Caleb’'s:

Could it also be possible to have Spark remember a groups expand or collapse setting? >Currently when Spark is started all groups are expanded.

So, there should be more clear description of issue.

This is actually in the 1.1.1 release. Will close.


Yes. 1.1.1 is remembering collapse/expand state of groups. So this issue is closed. It’'s just Pc Pixel was speaking about offline contacts being holded in Offline Group, and he wants (me to, and some other Spark users) them to be in their own groups. So, could you create some separate JIRA issue for this?

BTW, a thought just came up. It should be decided how to sort online and offline contacts in group. Or you can make it configurable.

  • All contacts sorted in alphabetical order

  • Online first, then offline