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Suggestions for Openfire admin console

I find the Openfire admin console particularly buggy to use unfortunately - often getting stacktraces when trying to do things like set room subjects etc. This means we’re forced to do things using the DB…but as we circumvent the code that updates the caching we need to restart the server for our changes to be seen. I’ve also seen some of the MUC rooms completely disappear from the console at times.

Would it be a bad idea for future Openfire releases that the admin console code is kept separate? Maybe it’s a web app that connects to the running openfire service completely using XMPP? Keep the caching stuff in the Openfire code and maybe use ORM?

Sorry - it’s now become a wishlist! But interested to hear what people think…

I can honestly say in 5 years and several versions I have never experienced the issues you describe. The only errors I get are related to third party plugins.

I’ll see if I can reproduce it, if I can would you mind testing it on your installation? It’s not like we’re plagues by problems, it’s a few things in the muc area…


Thanks for your feedback and any specific tracebacks you can provide can help improve the MUC management portion of the admin console. The next release of openfire will fix a number of admin console MUC management bugs, so hopefully that will improve your experience.


Thanks! The one that just hit us is trying to change a room subject to be blank if it wasn’t previously blank. I’ll raise it in JIRA if it’s not there already.

Thanks, I believe I fixed this OF-330 and should work in next release.

Next issue?

Great, thank you! We ended up needing to set subject to be blank on the db directly then restarting.

We then saw some weird behaviour, for one of the two MUC rooms we had set-up, even though they both have exactly the same topic, it was still sending an xmpp message of group chat type, with the body as opening and closing subject tags with nothing in them (I used Spark to debug). In our XIFF client this actually caused XIFF to blow up.

We couldn’t replicate it on any other environment, in the end we deleted and recreated the room and it worked. Not sure if it relates to this thread but have you ever seen that behaviour?


I have not seen that issue, but I may have never seen it due to not using XIFF.