Support Chat

Hi, can spark be used for outside users to initiate a chat for support purposes?

If you make your server available from the Internet.

It is available over the internet. Can a user contact someone in our office running Spark, without downloading and installing the Spark? Like through a chat button on a specific web page?


You can try Fastpath Service and Fastpath Webchat plugins for Openfire. But they are not in development for years, not supported and have bugs. Making webchat work can be tricky. It was designed to be able to setup queues, assign agents to them, manage and forward requests manually and automatically. Or you can just setup some web client on your web page and hook it to your server. Something like Candy (or SparkWeb, but again, it is not in development) or some other web client.

yes you can use.

Install openarchive pugin in openfire. you will able to use from anywhere from your proper UI.

I do not see “openarchive” in my list of available plug-ins - Thanks

I think Ronak is confused here. OpenArchive is about accessing your chat history, not about logining without a client.

I tried installing Fastpath but got lost trying to configure it.