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Support for Agents

It seems like Asterisk-IM has problems with agents.

When I receive a call via an Asterisk queue the associated jabber account is set to away (“On the phone”) but when the call ends the original presence is not restored.

I did no further investigation about the possible cause yet - is this a known problem or does just nobody else use queues?



This probably could be due to a number of things such as PHONE-36. I haven’'t done much testing with agents and queues at this point, though I feel that it should be fully supported by Asterisk-IM.

Being the lead for Asterisk-Java your feedback is very useful to us. If PHONE-36 seems like the issue your are having, please create a Jira account and vote for the issue. If you have any other issues or suggestions feel free to add them to Jira.


There still appears to be issues with Agents and Asterisk IM where status isn’‘t updated back to “available” after an incoming call, I’'ve added a comment to PHONE-36 with some debug logs if that helps.