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Support for "igniterealtime.org" itself?

I can see that “new blog” cannot be created

Why not disable all “blog” related navigation and preferences too ?

  1. Your stuff > preferences - contains some blog related preferences !

  2. click on “your stuff” - there is a “blog tab”

So, you are seeing Post a blog button in your stuff? Strange, cause i dont see it in Actions box anymore and it was reported after migrating of this site to Clearspace platform. But there is other “Not authorised” issues here. E.g. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1391 Moderators are not deleting this document. And i see Delete document button in my menu, but i cant delete. I agree that all this stuff should be hidden, if it’s not available for a user.

I do not see “post a blog” in “Your Stuff”

But suggest that "Automatically watch blog posts I create: " should be hidden in the “preferences” because a blog cannot be created in the first place…

I’ll work with the Clearspace team to see if we can clean some of this up. IMHO, you shouldn’t be seeing actions that don’t apply to you. We’ve caught a few of them, but it sounds like we missed a couple.

Okay, I’ve filed an issue for this in the Clearspace Project. I’ve marked it to be fixed for the 2.1 release: http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-2264

I hope “Delete document” button will be removed too. And i hope someone will delete that “documentation” doc

I’ve deleted the document you mentioned, too. Feel free to bug my on IM when I forget to delete things I think LG im’ed me about this doc, and I wanted to give the poster a couple of days to repost as a discussion (and then I forgot to delete it before I left for vacation).

done(bug filed): http://www.jivesoftware.com/issues/browse/CS-2265

thanks to you both, girls