Support for legacy error code

While testing Smack SVN version with various servers I’‘ve found that Smack doesn’'t support mapping from legacy error codes as defined in Fortunately latest version is nice enough to not throw NPE on such errors…

Anyway, I’‘ve prepared trivial patch to support legacy errors and I was ready to create RFE on JIRA. Then I’'ve found support for such errors in Wildfire Javadocs ( g/xmpp/packet/PacketError.Condition.html) - it is quite funny that we both choose same name for such mapping method (PacketError.Condition.fromLegacyCode(int code))… :]

So, are you thinking about moving support for legacy errors to Smack?

Hey haen,

What are we missing in the SVN version? I thought that we were including legacy code as well as error conditions as defined in the XMPP 1.0 spec. Feel free to send me your patch so I can review it and include it. BTW, you will need to sign and fax a contributor agreement so we can include your patch.


– Gato