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Support for newer version of Hazelcast in Clustering Plugin

Hi all,

I am contemplating upgrading the Hazelcast version used in the Openfire Hazelcast clustering plugin to 3.8.x. At the moment, Hazelcast 3.5.1 is bundled in with the clustering plugin. We usually upgrade minor versions of Hazelcast (we have done so with Hazelcast 3.5.5) by copying the Hazelcast JAR to the $OPENFIRE_HOME/lib directory.

Does the clustering plugin support any of the major upgrades of Hazelcast such as 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8?



I’m tagging @Tom Evans on this thread to see if he can kindly weigh in on it.

Hi Luki -

I have not looked at the most recent Hazelcast release(s), but typically our plugin needs to be updated to accommodate any API changes made in the Hazelcast engine. The new version of the Hazelcast JAR file(s) should be copied into the plugin’s /lib/ directory, and the Hazelcast config file in the plugin’s /classes/ directory may need to be updated as well. After that, it’s just a matter of testing to ensure everything is still working. If you would like to submit a pull request for the plugin, you should include an update to the bump the version number in the plugin.xml file, and also add an entry into the changelog.html file.

Hope that helps.


Hi Tom,

Many thanks for the quick and detailed response. It certainly did help.

I will do some testing of clustering plugin after building it with the latest release of Hazelcast. Will send a pull request if everything works as expected.

Thanks once again,