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Support for port 443 on IIS

We are using Windows 2016 with IIS & Openfire. Not able to configure port 443. Tried with changing config in admin console and database. No luck. Please advise.

Not sure I understand what you are trying to do? Hopefully it’s clear that both IIS and Openfire can’t bind to 443; are you trying to reverse proxy IIS on 443 to Openfire on 9091? or 7443? Or something else?

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HI gdt.

We have both IIS and Opefire configured on same machine. IIS is already binding other apps on 443. So this means Openfire should be on a different machine to bind 443 - Correct? Will try this.

Yes. Only one app can bind to 443 - either IIS or Openfire. They will have to be on different ports or different addresses.