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Switching username on login

Hi All,

I thought I had posted this yesterday but couldn’t seem to find it again this morning!

We have the need for a user to be able to login with a username and password for authentication purposes in Openfire only but when they have discussions in a 1-to-1 or groupchat situation there username is different. The username seen in conversations should also be the username seen by other users when they add this person to their user list.

My initial thoughts are to somehow switch the username during login in Openfire and setting the username to something else. I’m not sure if this possible or if it were then what impact it would have on XMPP clients. Can anyone paint a clearer picture for me?


What you want is to fill out “full name” when creating an user account, most clients will display that instead of the jid.

Edit: I don’t understand why you would wnat to switch login, just have each use the right one?


Filling out the Full Name is not really an option for us. We’d like to keep the username that the user logs in with completely seperate to the XMPP username (so even if a user looks at the xmpp stream they do not see the user’s real username).

The reason I’d like to be able to switch the username between authentication and login is that our business has always kept the username when logging into the website completely seperate to the username displayed in forums etc. We wouldn’t normally be required to do such switching except we are currently developing a client side script (greasemonkey) which will hopefully allow us to add chat functionality to our website. The guys want to know if we can switch the username on login as they do not have easy access to the user’s forumname, only the user’s username.


I see. Well, the username is always in the XMPP stream, for addressing purposes. Encryption might fix any security concerns.

As for the forum. If the “full name” of the XMPP account can’t be used, you could have a map of user -> display name somewhere (database, file etc.) and have your forum script get the names to display from there. Doing this server-side would then not transfer any other user info to the webclients.

You could also use the custom status message as a crutch to transport the display name, if you don’t use it otherwise.