Sybase sql script for 3.5.1

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that the sybase script you rolled out with 3.5.1 doesn’t work I’m afraid. Spent way too long trying to get this to work, including problems with size allocated to data types etc. Anyway, in the spirit of open source, I’ve included a working script so you don’t have to suffer the pains I have endured!

Hope you find this useful!

ps. I’ve included debug statements so that each table created gets printed to console, so at least you can keep track of progress.


Hey all,

Just discovered there are problems with this script there seems to be problems with the sizes allocated to certain fields in this script that are causing issues. Anyway, don’t use until a corrected version is uploaded. Does anyone know if Openfire dev are thinking of developing a working Sybase script to ship along with the product? Really would save loads of time and be of great value.