Synchronization with AD

When I add the new user in AD It appears in WildFire only after restarting of a WildFire service.

Is there any option to achieve the result without restart?

My question is clear? My English it is very bad.

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Come on guys! Is it only my problem? I can’'t restart service every time I add new user to domain!

Have you attempted to use the clear cache feature for the database? Wildfire caches items in the database. clear the cache and allow it to refresh the cache… See if comes in there without a restart.


I can clear a cache, I can even remove a database, but it will not force WildFire to import fresh data from Active Directory !

Once a new user logs on it queries the Active Directory and the user is added… the problem is that it is not in the clients roster yet.

So the steps for a new user are…

  1. Create the user in AD

  2. Log in to the Wildfire server from the client with the new users login

  3. Clear the cache

  4. Have your clients relogin to get the new roster.


  1. Have your clients relogin to get the new roster.

all my hundreds of clients ?

It not the correct approach each time to clear a cache at addition of the new user. It is necessary to poll under the schedule Active Directory as it is done at start of a server and my question is addressed to developers of WIldFire.

This is a known issue. Go read the comments on JM-379 and vote for it.

I only have about 80 or so… but it hasn’'t really been that big of an issue.

If someone is new, and they want to talk to them… our employees know they must log off and on.

or wait a day till they reboot the computer.

You could also send a broadcast out to all your users notifying them. Yes, this isn’‘t the ideal way and I’‘m sure it will be addressed over time, but the workarounds really aren’'t that bad once you know how to do them.

More info for you. Try this page on the (somewhat hidden) Jive wiki.

It was very useful ! Many thanks!

I have made the following:

cache.userCache.expirationTime = 900000

cache.remoteUsersCache.expirationTime = 900000

cache.username2roster.expirationTime = 900000 = 900000

cache.userGroup.expirationTime = 900000

cache.ldap.expirationTime = 900000

After that lists are updated and in some clients XMPP even without restart (for example Neos) unfortunately Pandion need restart.