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Synchronizing users of different Openfire servers (LDAP S2S)

There are two Openfire servers:
are in different cities in one domain
Each server connects to its own DC and synchronizes users and groups via LDAP
Jabber1 and jabber2 servers are connected via S2S
Is it possible to automatically synchronize users and groups so as not to add them manually?
Sorry my english is very bad!

Not possible

what is your goal by having 2 openfire servers? Depending on your objective, a simple design change may be a way to accomplish your goal.

The goal is to achieve fault tolerance in the work of personal chats of organization_1 and organization_2 in case of problems in the server infrastructure or local network. And general interaction when everything is in order!

Explanation: Organization_1 and Organization_2 are connected by a 10 M GRE tunnel and are located in different cities.
Now the openfire server is located in organization_1 users of organization_2 connect to it through SPARK. With problems in organization_1, no users can write to the chat.

Many thanks for the help!

If org1 and org2 are just different locations, and are joined to the same single domain, then Id suggest making a single XMPP domain and then using the clustering plug in. for true HA, you’d then need to replicate the databases to each site as well… for simple fault tolerance, Id prob just keep things simple and have a single server with regular backups.

Thanks!!! I will check, what will succeed)