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System is getting shut down upon clicking enter for spark

I have been facing this problem from the day i installed Spark. When i click enter button instead of using mouse my system is getting shut down for no reason. Can anyone tell me what is going on here, is spark software is virus affected?

Hitting enter where? In the message input field? What operating system? This is the first time anyone reports such a thing. I would suspect some other software causing this in conjunction with Spark. Or maybe some faulty driver. You can try the latest nightly build http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/spark/dailybuilds/spark_2_7_0_659.exe

hitting enter in the sense, after writing username and password in spark login form if i click “Login” button using mouse its fine but if i click “Login” button using keyboard enter then system gets shut down. It happens sometime in webchat.war client chat form as well.

Works fine for me on the login screen. As i said, try the latest version. If still happening, try it on some other PC to check if it only happening on this PC.

Which Windows version again?

I am using windows 7, enterprice. Not only in spark, even when i run webchat.war file, sometime upon clicking the “Start Chat” button, system used to get restart.

Is there any problem with jvm space.

So this system is not going to proper shutdown, but just reboots abruptly? I would say it looks more like a hardware/driver error. You should run diagnostics on this PC (CPU, RAM, HDD) or try it in safe mode with networking maybe.

correct, its not shut down, it always restarts whenever I click any button which are related to my chat application.