System Tray Icon Nit-Picking

I just installed Spark on my Linux workstation KDE 4.6.2 and it looks wonderful… with one exception. The icon used in the systray is a white square with a white background. Oh, and there is something in the middile of it. It would actually look like the Spark icon if the white background were transparent.

dont know how you do it, but on my Ubuntu-VM it looks fine

and by browsing through all the pictures i cant find any picture with a white background, all pictures are transparent

Here is what I am seeing in my System Tray.

Well I thought I had a picture there… hmmm it appears I do not have permission to upload pictures…

Not sure how I am going to communicate this one… Try pasting a picture…

That didn’t work either … are there other options?

While it is a bit of a hack… look at my profile pic. It is what I see on my System Tray.

You can’t upload a picture via Insert image button? What about attaching it via “Use advanced editor”?

Wolf, are you using Gnome DE? My VM with Ubuntu is also with Gnome, so maybe this is a KDE specific issue. Btw, i think i remember same issue on my Ubuntu while ago. Maybe it is some theme causing this.

standard ubuntu is gnome

ubuntu with kde is called kubuntu and with xfce xubuntu

it could be related to KDE not rendering transparent pictures correctly, but im no linux guy, so i wouldnt really know

ill check that out tomorrow

for uploading pictures you need to switch to advanced editor and use the panel below the typing area “Attach File”

If it is germane, I am using the Oxygen theme/style. I have also attached the screen-cap of the icon but I am beginning to actually like my new profile pic