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Here is the first patch to support the system tray with java6 without using JDIC or JNIWrapper!

But it’s not finished yet!

It works on the most platforms (Windows,Linux 32bit and 64bit systems) !


  • add one-click features to hide or show the spark window


  • change from awt to swing

  • check for system tray is supported

  • add status icons


  • fix status


  • add a simple idle check


  • fix double click behavior


  • change TRAY_ICON to the Spark ICON

  • fix double click


  • fix patch


  • fix double click again :frowning:


  • add CustomStatus


  • detect for Windows Screen Lock (testing…)


  • update windows screen lock detection

  • add prefence patch


I have applied 5.1 patch to svn code. I dont see anything different form the old systray. So, either it is ok, or maybe i havent applied it successfully (though Nerbeans says it was a success)

Regarding the one-click hiding issue it was a long epopee about this feature requests, implementing and then removing again. Once it was implemented by Derek on my request SPARK-444. Then it was removed and there was also a GUI bug introduced when roster becomes inactive after a double click. So i have filed all of my suggestions and findings as SPARK-934.

After applying your 5.1 patch, as i said, i see no difference at all. One click hiding is not working still. Or maybe i’m doing something wrong. Maybe i need to use patched smack libraries with that patch? Then testing is becoming too complex and i cant do that anymore.


I like this patch. One could also use it for Openfire as also there a TNA is used while testing (not while running as a daemon/service).

This patch requries Java 1.6, that’s fine for me as one can read at sun.com “…October 30th, 2009 … J2SE 5.0 will have reached its End of Service Life (EOSL)”.

==> Off-Topic

So I wonder whether one should create a new “baseline” also for Openfire which is currently supporting very old databases according to http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/database .html

MySQL 4.1 has no active support, and extended support ends this year.

Oracle offers “ojdbc6.jar” for Java 6, using “ojdbc14.jar” (for Java 1.4) is not a good idea.

DB2 v7 support did end in 2004, so I really wonder why it’s still mentioned.

==> EOL of products required by Spark and Openfire created.


Can you test it again with the patch 5.2?

If it work we can remove the jniwrapper and linuxIdle Plugin.

Now i get two systray icons Original with a spark icon which doesnt hide on single click, and the new icon (which was actually some time ago the main icon of Jive Communicator and then Spark). This second icon has a single click hiding feature working. Only it has that issue i have decribed in JIRA. If you double click systray icon quickly then after the first click the roster window will show up annd will be focused (so you can hit ctrl-f and start searching for a contact at once) and after the second click the roster window will loose its focus (become dimmed). Not a problem for me, as i always use single click, but for double clickers it can be a bit inconvenient to have to click roster window again aftr bringing the window up.

I think you have the jniwrapper or the linuxIdle installed!

I will check what I can do, for the double clicker! :slight_smile:

I hope the Patch V6.2 fix the problem with the double click! :slight_smile:


the patch looks pretty good. We will merge V7 with our changes to an earlier version and post it here. This should be done today (04.03.09)

Any thoughts on a method to detect a locked workstation ? Currently, we are detecting a non movement of the mouse cursor, but thats pretty indirect with respect to a locked workstation.


Walter, in case you didnt notice yet (this forum doesnt send notifications when a post has been updated, only on new messages), Michael (cstux) has already uploaded V8.1 and it seems he’s working on detecting screen locking.


webeling schrieb:


the patch looks pretty good. We will merge V7 with our changes to an earlier version and post it here. This should be done today (04.03.09)

here is the new patch.

V9: add customize idle time out,like it is defined in the preferences

V9.1: check if idle feature is activated
PATCH_TO_USE_JAVA_SYSTEMTRAY_V9.1.patch (14660 Bytes)

feature locked workstation workes fine!!!

Very good…

Thanks all people to help to remove the jniwrapper and linuxidle plugin! :slight_smile:

The patch was commited!