Tabbed Conversations

Is there a way to turn off Tabbed Conversations? It is so annoying and very difficult to use in a work environment when I am having multiple conversations across multiple offices. I have to hope I see the tab blink or something.

Please allow windowed conversations because tabbed conversations is making Spark completely useless and I’ve switched to Trillian until I get an answer to this question.

Thank you very much,


I don’t agree it makes Spark useless. It saves much space on my taskbar because it needs only one window, like browsers do. It’s a matter of time to get used (i was using Exodus without tabs before). Also it should blink in the taskabar whenether new message arrives. Anyway. This is a somewhat higly requested feature and there is an old ticket, and one person was even trying to implement this, but he never finished his work, so now status of this ticket is unknown. SPARK-893

A matter of opinion. Given the number of offices and departments I work with across the company, tabbed conversations renders Spark utterly useless to me. Spark is our company’s IM, but I will never use it until I can get windowed conversations. Until then Sparks sucks for me.

Please please please please please let the user choose between tabbed and windowed conversations. Tabbed is just annoying beyond words currently available in the english language.

Nobody is saying that user shouldn’t have such option, but currently there is no developer to implement this.

…and if it sucks there is bigger selection of clients you may choose from, maybe they won’t suck