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Task list & notes disappear

I’m new to Spark & have set it up for internal communication using Open fire. When I (or anyone else) uses the task list or notes there are no problems recording it, but if the task or notes is closed down, when they are re-opened the task or note has disappeared. Any ideas on what is happening - both are wanted by the staff here at work.

Boy, talk about the blind leading the blind

I am a newbie but am interested in the workings of the task list as well. I have figured out that, if you’re using the embedded DB, that the notes and tasks are stored in files in the …\openfire\embedded-db\ folder.

It seems that they are initially written to the openfire.log file and then they end up in the openfire.script file in an XML format.

Beyond that, I’m clueless. You might want to look at the read\write status of the users and that folder.

Just a thought.

I’d love to know what you discover,


This is not a XML format, but SQL. Embedded-db is not a usual database. Openfire uses openfire.script to create virtual database in memory on the fly (while starting up). So this file is just a bunch of SQL commands. Yes, it flushes changes to the openfire.script periodically.

Users dont have to have rights to embedded-db folder. Well, they musn’t have access to that folder actually This will be a security breach. Only administrator and the user on which behalf Openfire process is running should have access to that dir. Openfire talks to database and writes changes to user’s private storage table.

This thread is old and it’s not clear what exactly wasn’t working for him. Need more details on that.