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Taskbar Flashing Support for the latest SVN Spark Version

Here is the first Version of the taskbar flashing plugin. :slight_smile:
flashing.jar (9927 Bytes)

Where should i put it? I have tried to put it in my Spark\target\build\plugins dir. It appears in Plugins window. But it’s not flashing the chat window.


I have check with the latest IZpack installer version available (March 9th) and put the jar in the plugin folder of the Spark install folder (c:\progamme\spark\plugins). It is not working. I have also tested with a fresh user profile. May need some reworking.


Can you attach the error log file?

Update Flashing Plugin! :slight_smile:

Please test it with the latest SVN Version 10986.
flashing.jar (10006 Bytes)

Now it’s working. I see that the rate of flashing is decreased (comparing to other Windows apps). This should be better for those annoyed by flashing. Though, maybe there could be some option to select whether one want it to flash constantly or just glow all the time.

Thanks for testing. I have commit the first version of the plugin.

Now, I will work on the flashing preference.

Great. It’s good to be able again to answer my friends messages at once, not after an hour or so

I have compiled 10988 and it doesnt flash now, but i cant find flashing settings in the preferences. I think flashing should be turned on by the default, as most of the users would expect some new message indication i think.

Sorry! :frowning:

I have fixed the problem in 10989

Ok. Now it works when Continuos is selected, but it doesnt flash or with Temporary selection

Another issue. It doesnt flash in group chat.

10994 it seems that flashing starts to work only if you go and save preferences, so i have to do it everytime i start Spark

I have fixed this problem in the latest svn!