Temasys plugin support for ofmeet

Hi dele,

I read somewhere that jisti meet now supports the temasys webrtc plugin. Any chance you’ll be bringing that to ofmeet?

it does as well firefox. However, ofmeet is far behind latest jitsi meet/videobridge code and it not going to catch up any time soon

hey dele,

will that change any time soon now?

with all the bad news regarding privacy, chrom*-browsers are (in the post-snowden-area) ONE BIG security-risk – to say the least



I think a third party binary plugin is a bigger security risk than chrome privacy issues. All browsers phone home sending stuff to and fro all the time. I did look at it. doable, but a bit of work to accomplish.

I rather wait until the new jitsi meet is bug free and then modify it all over again to be openfire compatible

hey dele,
thx for the answer.
but I was not realy clear in my question – i realized.
to be more precise: I want to know, when you will update the jitmeet code, so that we could use firefox as well?

is there any timeframe for that?

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i’m also interested by the response.

When will it be possible to use ofmeet with firefox.

Thanks a lot for your job.