Tentative Release Date for 2.6.1


due to restrictions in the developoment capacity, we will cut the dev cycle of 2.6.1 down. The release date for 2.6.1 is tentatively set to mid-June. For those who have issues with 2.6.0. Please report them in this forum ASAP to include bug fixes. There will be minor feature enhancements, but not much in 2.6.1.

The dev capacity for Spark will be reduced to normal level after the release of 2.6.1. unless volunteers step up.


P.S. You can follow/help the developement by using the nightly build and the open issue list of 2.6.1

P.P.S After release, the community will have put more than 1000 hours of development effort into 2.6.1.

Should we anticipate better integration of Redfire into Spark 2.6.1 as I saw this being discussed …?