Terminal Server Issue


We just rolled out Spark 2.0.1 and Wildfire Server 3.1.0 across our company, onto a mixture of WinXP fat clients and a Win2003 terminal server.

Everything is working fine except for two isses with the Terminal Server:

  1. Users using Spark through the Terminal Server do not receive broadcast messages.

  2. Users using Spark through the Terminal Server cannot send or receive transferred files (including the automatic screenshots).

Are either of these known issues? There is no firewall on the Terminal Server getting in the way.



Hi Matt,

“1)” sounds really weird, I never heard ot his.

“2)” is at least for me a well-known-problem (not using Terminal Service anyhow) so I don’'t use Spark 2.x Something is going wrong there, Spark 1.1.4 did run fine for me.


  1. Damn, I was hoping there would some sort of easy fix - it’‘s a real problem :-S It looks like it’‘s not just broadcast messages that are affected - some regular messages aren’‘t either. So, to summarise: for our Terminal Server users no broadcast messages arrive, and some regular messages don’'t arrive either. Anyone else got any ideas?

  2. At least this one isn’‘t “weird” Thanks for the info - it’‘s not a big deal for us, so I’'ll just wait for it to be fixed in a future Spark build.



Im wondering if its a permissions issue. As this is Windows 2003, the permissions are more strict then any other windows versions. Please read the thread:


I hope that helps

Thanks for the link. I had a read through and must say this doesn’‘t sound exactly the same as our problem - our TS users have no problem sending broadcasts - but I tried the suggestion anyway and it didn’'t help.

Here’‘s where the situation gets odder though - this morning, broadcasts have suddenly started working for our users on the terminal server :-S Nothing has changed, they’'ve just suddenly started arriving.

While I guess this is good news, I am a bit concerned that it will work intermittently (and we won’‘t have any way of knowing what does & doesn’'t arrive without querying users about each individual message). Either way, shall monitor it and see how it goes.