Test password


The test-case.xml file is set up such that the test user name and password are the same. Looking at the code in SmackTestCase::parseURL though, it seems that it is possible to have a single password for multiple user names. The code is below:

else if (parser.getName().equals(“password”)) {

samePassword = “true”.equals(parser.getAttributeValue(0));

passwordPrefix = parser.nextText();


I can’t see an example of the corresponding XML config, but I think that this works:


So here you all are for posterity :slight_smile:



You are correct.

I added that since I had a test environment with existing users that all had the same password. I never put it in the xml file though since it is only relevant when you have that specific testing scenario. I should probably add it to the xml file and document it (and comment it out) so it is clear how to use it but it is not enabled by default.

Thanks. I do have that type of test environment, and I had to alter my test data creation script before I saw this option in the code.

Have you created an issue to track this, minor though it is?

Many thanks


I did, SMACK-359.