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Test the Wildfire scalability

I used Jaber Test Suite for test Wildfire scalability.

Does somebode use other test utils SoapBox XMPP Stress Test Tool and IDX-Tsunami. I try them but the don’'t work with Wildfire only Jaber Test Suite is work.

Please if you have sucsessefull test using SoapBox XMPP Stressand IDX-Tsunami write how you do it.

Hey Denis,

Some time ago I used Winfessor SoapBox XMPP Stress and was able to run some of the tests. I just tried again and the Messages, Streams and Registrations tests are the ones that worked for me. All I had to do to make them work was enter the correct server name in the “Address To Connect To:” field. I also had to restart the tool between tests (sometimes).

Anyway, to generate stress on the server and profile the server I use some custom made stress tests implemented with Smack. Let me know if you want to give them a try.


– Gato